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November 10, 2011
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Miu Murasaki - KH-R Application by Dee-Infinity Miu Murasaki - KH-R Application by Dee-Infinity
:iconheartlessmeowplz:Miu Murasaki
:bulletpurple:Nickname: Miu-Chan … anything else she considers offensive.
:bulletpurple:DoB: Oct 15
:bulletpurple:Age Range: Appears 20-25
:bulletpurple:Height: 5’4

:bulletpurple:Weight Range: 120lbs
:bulletpurple:Dominant Hand: Right Hand
:bulletpurple:Blood type: O+

:bulletpurple:Weapon/Item/Valuables: Keyblade Name: Kuro To Shiro No Hyoga "Black & White Glaciers” Similar to a katana with ribbon at the end then at the tip is a reminder of where she comes from and where she must go to achieve her goals. Due to her living in solitude, Miu listens to music as a way of distraction and relaxation hence why she is always wearing a pair of headphones and even sometimes carries a spare.The story behind how Miu acquired her keyblade happened on a snowy day in Land of Dragons. Miu has been at her new home for some time and was walking home from school and in order to get home she had to cross a long and rigid bridge and one day she noticed two travellers who to her looked like normal merchants but they were actually khans"villains". They thought that the little Miu would have some valuables or some information that could help their leader take over the land but she did process neither so they lifted her off the ground and leaned her over as to throw her off the bridge. She kicked and screamed hoping someone would help her but no one was near to hear her. She whelped until she couldn't bare it any longer and just gave up and as they were about to toss her over into the river that was nearly 100 feet below, she felt her heart beat intensively beating harder quicker and she screamed with all she had left "I just need a way out!". Suddenly, she began to glow and float and the khans didn't understand what was happening they thought she was bewitched and they fled from being afraid of her. She finally was able to float to the ground and she looked at her palms and suddenly a key appeared and she had no idea what it was used for and the key grew until she finally grabbed the handle and now she realized and felt like she was chosen for a purpose and so she named her keyblade "Kuro To Shiro No Hyoga" to remind her the day when she acquired this keyblade and she swore that she will protect those who need to be saved and hurt those who need to be punished that no child shall be bullied again in her presence.

:bulletpurple:"Glaciers of time takeover" A dark ominous aura surrounds her keyblade and with both hands and she releases summoning slashes that create an immense power which slowly overflows throughout the entire blade throwing different forms of ice, water and air for both offense and defense.

:bulletpurple:“Frost pool” A stream of frigid ice water shoots out in the direction she is facing and surrounds the target and drags them underneath the pool.

:bulletpurple:“Falling Moon Raiser” Skies darken and what appears to be a simple hail storm turns into thousands of meteorite shards fall upon the area around the target while they seem to be ice shards that are razor sharp and can cut through any object.

:bulletpurple:Homeworld: Currently residing at Land of Dragons

:bulletpurple:Additional Information: Miu loves anything purple. She is very good at offensive attacks since her keyblade resembles of a katana and has mastered the elements of water and ice. Sweets get her going throughout the day and she enjoys listening to music or practicing with her keyblade and even watching her drama. Miu doesn’t mind villains just so long as they don’t get in her way then she makes it her business to remove them from her sight.

:bulletpurple:History: Miu currently resides at Land of Dragons, where she was dropped off as a child and has been taken care of by a couple of nobles who are not able to conceive children on their own. She does not have any memories of her life before that and because of that it constantly haunts her whenever she gets closer to the truth of her existence.
But truth be told, she was actually born in Traverse Town to a lovely flower merchant couple who regrettably lost Miu during a trip across town where she was unfortunately left behind. Miu's real parents still mourn over their daughter praying that one day she will return or show a simple sign that she is alive and doing well. Some teenagers found that it would be amusing to push Miu around and without notice they pushed her through what appeared to be a simple door was actually a portal to another world. They were not aware to which world she had gone to for all they knew she could have been lost in space and time. So she arrived to Land of Dragons where she was pitied and taken care of by a noble family and treated as one of their own

:bulletpurple:Dream(s) and/or Goal(s): As it stands, Miu just wishes to become stronger and explore new worlds to find a few good companions to tag along with and possibly not feel like such a burden at times.

:bulletpurple:Quote: If you befall upon the gates of judgment for they are heavily guarded, will you fight to conquer or fall prey to your fate?

Update more later XP
I like KH rps almost as much as I like bleach rps hence why there is a bit of a resemblance of the keyblade to a zan XP


Character & Info © Me
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Solar891star Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
Hello can I ask you Innocent Blossom for help please.
I have an amazing Idea for a kingdom Hearts character, but I really suck at drawing people.
Maybe you can help.
If you go to my gallery under Kingdom Heart characters and click on Kingdom Hearts Aria, that's what I wish to see created.
By the the way I really don't care what color her color is as long as it's not pink.
X-LaLa Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hey. You. Keyblader. I want to play.~
Dee-Infinity Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
o.o so lets play
X-LaLa Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Do you have Yahoo? I never see you in DA chat.
Midnitez-REMIX Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Hello there, I was wondering if I could feature this OC in a non-profit game I'm working on? If you need more info feel free to ask and I will give as much as I can. (credit would be given of course)

Thank you for your time.
Dee-Infinity Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
sure y not ^^ let me in on the info maybe ill b interested in the game as well : )
Midnitez-REMIX Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011  Student Digital Artist
So I'm making a fanmade Pokemon game featuring the OCs of other artists of various styles and your OC would be a great addition. Would you still be interested?
Dee-Infinity Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
of course ^^
Midnitez-REMIX Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Great, I just need two more things, first I need you to join or watch the group for the game. Secondly I am sending a request for this picture to be in the group so please accept when it comes.

Dee-Infinity Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
done ^^
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